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Age is just a number

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Age is just a number. But it is not the number of wrinkles or frown lines on your face.

The idea of ‘anti-aging’ is not to freeze your face, wash out every crease and make your skin look artificially stretched-having you end up looking expressionless , others looking at you wondering what went wrong ! The goal is to help you look your natural best at every age.

Did you know, unlike most muscles of the body, the layer of muscles underneath the surface of the skin are actually attached to our facial skin. Every time we smile, laugh, frown or form an expression, the facial muscles stretch and pull the skin with it. Gradually as we age this results in the formation of wrinkles.

U may age gracefully later. For now we have ways to delay ageing

You may also be surprised to know, several pockets of fat below the surface of your skin shift and even drastically reduces with age and the bony structure of your face – responsible for giving it shape – also changes as we grow older. These changes result in changing the very shape and structure of your face over time.

And it’s not just your face; you’ll notice the skin on your hands and neck change as well over time. Even your hair will look different. Your hair cycle alters as you grow older. Our hair becomes finer and scantier as the nutrition absorption decreases with age. For women, especially after menopause you may notice your hair has become drier and lost its lustre. Men don’t escape this either.

So you see – your face, hair and body are all dynamic and progressively require more attention and special care as they age with you. The skin and tissues of your face, hands, neck are constantly changing. Skin creams and lotions are not enough to take care of them. Dr Keerti helps you revive and rejuvenate your skin so you radiate a healthy youthful glow.

Your skin is treated with the most innovative techniques and the best cosmetic technologies to erase fine lines and wrinkles, tighten sagging skin and restore a luminous glow; empowering you to age gracefully and on your own terms.

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